The Lead Conversion Gap

Generating leads from dealer websites and third-party retailers is no longer a “new” facet of automotive retail, and dealers now have nearly limitless opportunities to find more customers and expand their marketing territories. But some still struggle to convert those leads to appointments and sales, and even the most forward-thinking, Internet-savvy dealers and managers have seen foolproof marketing campaigns and investments fail to produce a proportional uptick in revenue.

The Accountability Culture

We don’t have an “accountability culture” in the car business, and we need one. Badly. For great examples why, just look at the sports we love that are so successful!

The NFL keeps stats on players that boggle the mind and produce hours and hours of ESPN commentary; basketball hinges on free throw percentages that can haunt a player’s (and team’s) season; and, from long ago to now, baseball has led them all with stats that kept the players accountable in a witches brew of information.

Calculating Tomorrow’s ROI on Internet Leads

Most dealers have a love/hate relationship with internet leads. More and more dealers are shifting their advertising dollars to the internet, but many get frustrated with the leads they get. Well, I am here to tell you that there are no bad leads, just bad processes.

Next week, I’ll dive into good practices for handling leads, but this week I want to get you thinking about return on investment (ROI).

Most dealers calculate leads ROI this way: “I bought 100 leads this month and sold eight cars for an 8 percent ROI.” That might be today’s ROI, but my question then becomes: What did you do with the other 92 people? This is ….

7 Process Points you must execute in your Internet Sales Process to be successful:

Advanced marketing tactics like SEO and Social Media Marketing are a big focus in the industry right now. These marketing tools are very successful at moving the bar forward and YES your dealership needs to be involved. However, if you are growing your arsenal of marketing tools you are also being more wasteful if your process is not nailed down. Your store should not be investing more marketing dollars unless your customer funnel is proven to convert the customers into deals. As the economy rebounds and you look to grow your marketing it’s a perfect time to do a dealership process check up. How does your store stack up?

The Correct Internet Sales Process A successful Internet sales process is not rocket science. There are 7 things every process should….

23 Sales Email Subject Lines That Get Prospects to Open, Read, and Respond

from opening a sales email. And it doesn’t matter how much research and time you put into the body text — your hard work goes to waste if the prospect deletes right off the bat.

But what makes a good subject line? Simply writing a synopsis of your message usually isn’t a good idea. Think about it — would you open an email with the subject line “We’ve never met, but I would like to sell you something”? That message is getting sent straight to the spam folder.

While reps should never obscure that they’re in sales, emails that call attention to this fact run the risk of being dismissed out of hand. And chances are, if you’re reaching out to a prospect, you sell a product that you firmly believe they could benefit from. Now to get the prospect to engage with you and come to this realization …

The importance of Videos in Email Marketing

The power of video in marketing today is undeniable. Using video in your email marketing can help your click-through-rates and sales soar.

What’s the big deal about video, anyway?

People love video. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind its owner, Google. Video allows email marketers to succinctly tell a visual “story” in a matter of minutes. It sparks….

Referral selling Best Practices

Referral selling seems pretty simple, right? All you need to do is tell salespeople to ask for referrals. Why wouldn’t they latch onto their most powerful sales strategy? After all, referred salespeople:
•Score every meeting at the level that counts
•Arrive pre-sold, with trust and credibility already earned
•Fill their sales funnels with people who actually want to talk to them
•Shorten their sales process without incurring any hard costs
•Engage gatekeepers as their allies
•Convert prospects into clients more than 50 percent of….

Automotive Internet Sales Challenges

According to the results from Auto USA’s annual Internet Market Survey the changes in consumers behaviors and the industry challenges are not met by dealers. Major challenges cited in the survey:
•Quality, training and turn over of staff 43%
•Consistency with the Processes 18%
•Keeping up with lead volume 17%
•Lack of staff accountability and management buy in 32%

Follow up is still dealers biggest challenge, several studies indicates as high….