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Internet Sales Training & Developement
Web-based Internet sales training / Tools and solutions / Help and support .
Building a productive and effective team.

BMR Process

Lead Management Custom Process
A better Process with daily Auditing, Alerts, monthly Assessment and Evaluation.
Driving the performance and a "safety net".

Lead Profiling

A new level of Customer Intelligence
Personality profiles for every lead.
Tailor your sales pitch to fit each shopper personality.

e-Learning Platform



The innovative BMR eLearning platform is an effective training and development methods. This world class platform will help you build a stronger and productive team and will meet your needs – affordably. It provides:

  • Structured Internet sales training program
  • Library rich of tools and materials at your fingertips
  • BMR Experts help and support at any time
  • Professional development (PD) workshops


Using a clear pedagogy, scientific methods and content reflective of the market changes, BMR structured training program covers the entire automotive Internet selling spectrum; it will help your team:
- Master good communication skills - Master their phone, email and text skills - Master their appointment approach - Become the master of overcoming objections.
Effective and modern, BMR Internet sales training ensures the quality within staff, makes them UPPER-TO-DATE on knowledge and solves the problem of new hires training, permanently.


Tools and resources aimed at increasing knowledge and providing instant solutions at your sales team fingertips:
1- A wide varieties of automotive Internet sales materials: objection solutions, word tracks for every situation, emails and text templates, phone scripts, sales videos, rewards and reviews for every makes and models -build value in every used vehicle, blog,..etc.
2- Professional help and support: your team can request special email template, script, solution..etc from our professional experts at any time.


Six rolling sessions each calendar year, BMR Online PD is a smart and cost effective opportunity to support your team continuing skills development, It will enable them to collaborate with experts for an effective and engaging learning without incurring travel and other costs.
Every 2 months you will choose each particular workshop program and we will feature the best automotive Internet sales professional and specialist in that particular area of expertise. The interactive format includes live engaging discussion, guided learning videos, numerous proven teaching strategies and learning activities.
BMR workshops will improve your team quality in every facet of automotive Internet sales and gives them a hands-on experience in 21st century skills.

BMR Custom Process



We custom build a process to your needs. Then we daily audit it. This will guarantee no lead falls through the cracks due to staff forgetfulness, turnover or lack of performance, enforces quick corrective actions "save the deal", produces more appointments and close more sales. We work with any CRM system


We install a customized lead process built around your dealership's strengths and challenges along with initial email templates that have customized messages for each target customer profile, complete with video (optional) – the right message, delivered fast.


Once the lead process is installed, we monitor it on a daily basis ensuring 100% follow-up. Through our daily audit, "issues" are detected early in the process.


To take quick corrective actions before it's too late, our unique MAS sends text and email alerts to the sales team and management: hot opportunities, omitted leads, problem leads and follow-ups...


A monthly performance and evaluation report for sales associates, department, lead providers, area of improvement and action needed to meet the goals.

Lead Profiling



This powerful and revolutionary service designed to engage your Internet prospects that are not communicating with you. Based on their online footprint,  It gives you a personality insight and how to communicate with each of your Internet prospects (every lead).

Information we provide with each lead

Personality profile:
Dominant personality traits, characteristics and behaviors

Personality rating accuracy index:
Index from 0 % to 99 % that indicates how much relevant data was found for the customer

How to work with each customer's personality profile:

  • How to win his trust
  • Key words and phrases to use with him/her
  • How to speak to him/her
  • How to email him


How the information is gathered?

The BM Resolutions System creates a customer personality profile by researching data from thousands of available online data sources, including social media posts, review sites, Google search results, and other sources. We find information written by or about the customer and then run our unique  personality detection analysis to match each customer to a specific personality type.


Who we are


Developed by car people for car people

BM Resolutions specializes in helping automotive dealerships achieve the promise of their Internet sales.

We are “car people” with years on the sales floor and in Internet sales. We saw Internet sales grow from a trickle of early-adopting techies into a primary dealership sales channel. Along the way, we also saw how most dealerships patched together an Internet sales team that was under-trained and under-motivated.

BM Resolutions is the answer. Our solutions improve productivity, profitability, structure, daily support, audit and accountability of dealership operations.

We know the business and can serve as your partner in making your Internet sales channel the success it deserves to be.

Market facts

Industry data on Internet Sales Department performance

18%: Consistent Internet sales process in place

17%: Keep up with lead volume

43%: Issues with staff quality, training and turnover

32%: Dealership suffers from lack of staff accountability and management buy-in 

Source: Auto USA's annual Internet market survey


27%: Average percentage of dealer ad budget devoted to the Internet

50%: Amount of Internet ad budget that does not deliver response

Source: NADA Internet market survey


9.1: Average number of attempts need to make customer contact

90%: number of leads that have no follow-up

Source: JD Power & Associates


Industry data on Online Customers

90%: influenced by online reviews when making their decision

65%: Prefer videos and images when communicating

60%: Will buy a different car than the one they inquired about


BM Resolutions data on follow-up- Mystery Shop
76% Made initial contact
39% Made 1st follow-up attempt
13% Made 2nd follow-up attempt
% Made 3rd follow-up attempt

Industry Data on Customer Experience

Not followed-up with
consider the dealership even in the future due to a poor response.
Experienced a new sales associate due to reassignment or turnover

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The Lead Conversion Gap

Generating leads from dealer websites and third-party retailers is no longer a “new” facet of automotive retail, and dealers now have nearly limitless opportunities to find more customers and expand their marketing territories. But some still struggle to convert those leads to appointments and sales, and even the most forward-thinking, Internet-savvy dealers and managers have seen foolproof marketing campaigns and investments fail to produce a proportional uptick in revenue.

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